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Technology annoyances : Philips HTS7520/12 and Lenovo X301 SSD

by on Aug.01, 2011, under Technology

It’s about time I depressurize a bit on these two very annoying pieces of hardware. Why ?

  1. The Philips HTS7502/12 bluray homecinema kit has a lot of trouble reading the latest Bluray disks
  2. The Lenovo X301 high-end laptop ships with an SSD disk that does not support TRIM

The issues identified make me classify these two pieces of hardware as DON’T BUY.

Read on to find out more…

Philips HTS7520/12 Bluray home cinema kit

This is a complete nightmare story. I bought the first device two years ago when it was brand new on the market. It lasted 4 weeks until I got the dreaded “Unknown disc” error for whatever disc I put in there, be it CD, DVD, or Bluray. The optical drive was just clicking away, but not detecting anything anymore. So, took it back for repair.

6 weeks later (six weeks!?), I got a completely new unit, because the first one was “unfixable”. Drove back home, installed everything (including all of the cabling that I was asked to send back in for repair…), switched on, and… no subwoofer. Subwoofer was dead on arrival.

Drove back again to the shop, explained that I wanted a new completely new unit, right away, which they did. So now I got a unit that works well, and still does. Except for 1 out of 3 new Bluray discs that I buy, and that the device simply doesn’t recognize (“UNKNOWN” again…). There’s no firmware update since 12 months from Philips, and no response so far to my E-mails to their support.

Potential buyers : I will NEVER buy anything from Philips again (and have started 2 months ago by buying a Sony TV). Their Bluray stuff seems to be broken by design; their support is worthless. If you just want something that works, and is of good quality, and don’t mind spending a few more euros to avoid needless trouble, buy something serious. Not Philips.

Lenovo X301

Got this “executive” laptop, fully loaded, two years ago. It’s a great machine, or at least it was before disk performance slowed to a crawl because of missing TRIM support on the Samsung SSD drive it has. Oh, Samsung has released a new Firmware with TRIM support ages ago, but as Lenovo has an OEM deal with Samsung, and still hasn’t, for obscure reasons, deployed this firmware update for their customers, I’m now stuck with a 3000 euro laptop that is slow.

Come on Lenovo – X301 is the Rolls Royce for executives and people who want to spend more to get the best there is available, and you don’t know how to deploy TRIM firmware to your customers? Have you forgotten that most people who buy expensive X301′s are actually IT decision makers? I didn’t buy a 590 euros consumer laptop here, but a 3000 euros “road warrior power house”. Do you think Porsche wouldn’t care if for some reason, their 911 Turbo customers wouldn’t be able to go further than 3rd gear anymore?

Been there, done that. My next expensive Laptop will be another Macbook Air. The new 13 inch ones look great, and cost half. Bye bye Lenovo.

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